Planning Your Wedding on a Boat – Pros and Cons

Planning Your Wedding on a Boat - Pros and Cons

Your wedding day should be one of the most special and most memorable days of your life, so if you feel that you need to step outside of tradition in order to make the experience all that it can possibly be – then you should go for it, but be prepared for the possibility of facing some adversity if you opt to go for something that isn’t wholly traditional.

One particular wedding location that’s increasing in popularity is aboard a boat. Having your wedding aboard a boat can be an incredible experience, the beauty of the open water coupled with gourmet food and entertainment out in the sun with a cool sea breeze is an occasion that neither you nor your guests will ever forget.

Pros of having your wedding aboard a luxury cruise ship

By having your wedding on a ship, you can combine your wedding and honeymoon allowing you to immediately begin the vacation celebration as soon as the wedding is through. You’ll eliminate the need for dual planning – once the initial decision is made and the guest list is submitted, the crew aboard the cruise ship will take care of everything else

What comes as a surprise to most people is that having your wedding in this fashion can actually save you some money. By booking the wedding and honeymoon together you’ll get a better deal than you would have by booking them separately and since your wedding will be aboard a cruise ship, it’s likely that your guest list will be substantially shorter.

As far as planning and preparation go, you’ll have far less to do with planning your wedding aboard a boat which can eliminate the majority of stress and many of the headaches that are commonly associated with the usually monumental task of the planning.

The cons associated with having a wedding aboard a boat

Though the pros of having a boat-bound wedding are undeniably good, the potential cons can far outweigh them. You have to be prepared for whatever the open sea might throw at you, be it rain, sleet or violent storms – the sea is unpredictable and just like planning any type of party, you have to be willing to play whatever hand the weather deals you.

Sea sickness is another big potential downside to having a wedding aboard a boat. Even though the conditions of the water may be reasonably calm some or several of your guests or wedding party may succumb to the woes of sea sickness at some point during the venture – and that point may or may not occur directly in the middle of your ceremony.

If the water is rough for the entire time that you are on it sea sickness and misery could abound through your entire voyage, which will still certainly make your wedding celebration memorable, but probably not in the way you would have liked.

Planning a wedding in any location that can have unpredictable circumstances is always a gamble; it’s up to you and your mate to decide how much you’re willing to gamble on the day of your celebration. If it’s of the utmost importance to the two of you to hold your day outside on the open water.

Then by all means take the risk and hope for the best, but if the worst case scenario is too much for you to bare dealing with on what is supposed to be the most wonderful day of your life, you may want to have second thoughts about planning your wedding on a boat.

Keep in mind, once you get out there, there will be no turning back – you can’t magically move the boat inside if the weather turns sour, that should be your biggest concern when considering an unconventional location for a wedding.

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