Wedding Music, Get It Right and Enjoy the Night

Wedding Music, Get It Right and Enjoy the Night

If for some reason, budget, theme, availability, you have chosen not to have live music at your wedding party you are going to need to find an alternative form of entertainment. If you still want music you should make a Wedding Mix Tape.

Making a wedding play list is not as easy as you would think. The music needs to create a mood, suit the couple and get people dancing – there is nothing more awkward than an empty dance floor at a wedding.

So when you are selecting wedding music there are a few important things you should consider:

Choosing your own music is a big responsibility: Music can make or break a party. If the music doesn’t set the mood or if you are the only person who wants to dance there could be a lot of bored guests and the only person you can complain to is yourself.

On one of the most important days of your life do you really want to be shouldering this responsibility? If not, hire a band, at least you will have someone to blame if the music is terrible.

Couple’s taste: If you have decided to go ahead with making your wedding playlist you need to consider the taste of you and your partner. Do you both like the same music? Do you have any songs which are special to both of you?

And most importantly do other people like the music you like? If you are both avid yodeling fans you may want to mix it up a bit with some more main stream music selections to keep your guests happy.

Theme: Are you having a theme wedding? You should consider if you want all the music to match the theme or can you play a wide selection. This will depend on your taste and the style of your wedding. The music should really be cohesive with your theme choice.

Don’t peak too soon: the rule of every good mix tape is that timing is everything. If you start out with all the best songs people will still be too shy and sober to dance. You need to build to a dancing song, work up to it slowly.

Start with a few classics to get people in the mood but don’t waste any sure fire dancing songs till at least the fifth song. Also try to avoid large blocks of any particular style of music or artist. An hour of Ricky Martin might be your idea of dance heaven but you will have guest who don’t have Latin Fever.

Save the special song: Make a separate CD with the ‘First dance’, ‘Father/daughter dance’ and ‘Last dance’ songs. You don’t want to risk accidentally playing them at the wrong time and missing your couple dance.

Not everyone wants to slow dance: There will be plenty of drunken single people at your wedding. To avoid depressing those all play plenty of upbeat dance tunes so everyone can enjoy the dance floor.

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