The Biosphere Technology Revolution

The Biosphere Technology Revolution

Biosphere Technology is the innovation that has revolutionized green technologies to the point where clean solutions finally have a chance against the currently prevailing brown technologies. It is considered a breakthrough because it possesses the perfect equilibrium between efficiency and greenness.

The said equilibrium is unprecedented and has even caused the division of energy sources into brown and green. Brown technologies boast high levels of efficiency but cause great harm to the environment in the form of pollutant by-products they produce during the generation process.

Green technologies on the other hand are very environment-friendly in the sense that they produce significantly less amounts of pollutants but they lack enough efficiency. And consumers obviously prefer the more efficient one even if they are consequently putting the planet at risk.

Biosphere Technology manages to take hold of both the efficiency of brown technologies and the cleanness of green technologies effectively canceling the weak points of both. This is the reason why it is being referred by many as the hope of the sustainability industry. The key to its colossal potential is the use of air tight classifying chambers.

 The chambers serve as controllers that allow complete manipulation of the amount of oxygen introduced to the feed stock. This allows the feed stock to always be subjected at the most optimal temperatures only resulting to the production of the purest energy particles. The said particles are then formed into extremely hot steam and then finally into very efficient electricity.

The chambers also serve as limiters that prevent the escape of gaseous emissions into the atmosphere thus significantly mitigating the amount of pollutants released into the environment.

Aside from bridging efficiency and greenness, Biosphere Technology has another attribute to brag about. It uses solid waste as its feed stock. Waste is considered the best feed stock because it is free because it is unwanted by everybody.

In fact, many will even pay just to get rid of it. This new technology therefore solves the waste problems while to satisfies the need of consumers for efficiency and the need of the planet for green energy.

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