Why your Wi-Fi network is not working and how to fix it

The tech is amazing.

It’s amazing to believe that box of cables and plastic on that you’re reading this article can alternately amaze you by teaching you interesting info, be sure you laugh by showing you a funny video and make you angry when the wireless sensors connection is interrupted without explanation. We’re truly living in a magic period.

If you end up wondering why the Web is not working, AVG will be here to help you restore your Internet connection.

First: save this report!

We want to assist you to fix your wireless sensors connection, however as this article is on the world wideweb, nicely… you understand what’s wrong. So if you own a printer, then start by printing this report, or at least save these pages onto your desktop by simply pressing Ctrl + S. So even without the Internet you can view this report.

Did you store it ? Perfectly. But before we begin fixing your Wi-Fi, why we need to ask you something:

What’s the wi-fi not working?

As you can’t cure a disease without even knowing what is causing it, you cannot repair Wi-Fi if you do not understand why it will not get the job done. Luckily, in such situations, the error can only be credited to one of three things: your own device, your network, or the Internet.

Your apparatus

First check if additional smart devices continue to be connected to the net. If that’s the case, the issue is with your apparatus also it alone, that may simplify the task. See How to fix Wifi on fewer devices.

Your system

We consistently counsel against connecting to unprotected public networks, but this time look for your nearest working wi fi network, while it’s a friend’s house or even a cafe, and try to hook up to it. Should you choose, this means that the situation has been your own network, not your device. Scroll down to the The way to solve your own Wi-Fi and Internet issues segment.


What if your device attaches to your network without issues, but can’t go to some website? To begin with, consider going to a number of distinct sites to be certain that they are not the main one with the problem (as an instance, there isn’t much you can perform if your favorite site undergoes a DDoS attack ). If no site is running, proceed to the best way to address your Wi-Fi and Internet problems section. But be mindful that you may need to call your ISP.

Note: When your Web is currently operating too slowly, in addition, there are strategies to improve its speed.

Some other items to test

Before we tackle more elaborate solutions, try a number of these simple manipulations. It might save you a headache.

“Assess the lights in your router

Seriously, have a good look at your box. If a light seems different for you personally, something is wrong. If you don’t know your router to know what might differ, consult with its manual: it’s going to let you know exactly what each light means, and also just how to address the problems that you encounter

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