Any Child Can Learn to Play Music

Any Child Can Learn to Play Music

Many parents and teachers are well-informed about the benefits of having their child or student learn to play a musical instrument. Some of these benefits include children who play musical instruments have more self-esteem and confidence then their peers.

They are more academically advanced, specifically in subjects like math and reading, and they are overall happier and more content than those children who do not have any musical education.

Unfortunately, one of the major reasons why we adults don’t always encourage our children to play music is because of the myth that ‘not everyone can play music’. Many of us growing up were told that music is only for the super-talented; it was only for those individuals who were talented enough to be able to make a career out of music.

 Many of us as children were also labeled as being ‘Tone Deaf’. Pop culture also had its effects; music is for the glamorous and successful, for the big stars and big stages.

Truth be told, anyone can learn to play music! A study was recently conducted by BBC researchers and the results are very telling. Many of the so-called tone deaf aren’t tone deaf at all – they simply lack confidence and practice, particularly if their lack of being ‘on tune’ was criticized as a child.

A very small proportion of the population are truly tone deaf,” says Dr Daniel Defensible of Goldsmiths University of London, co-creator of the BBC’s new musicality test, which explores whether enthusiasm for music – rather than formal training alone – helps confer ability.

The fact is, music, unlike academic studies, can be learned by any adult and can be taught to any child. The only key is to be persistent and believe in yourself and in your capabilities. Don’t let others decide your musical talents for you.

 Yes, there some individuals out there who possess extraordinary talent and capabilities in the world of music, many of who eventually become famous stars, but that does not mean that the rest of us can’t have our own success in our pursuit of music.

We as parents or teachers can actually give our children the gift of music. All that is needed, aside from providing the instruments or the musical education, is the encouragement to our children that they too can achieve their dreams in the world of music. We need not criticize our young ones that music is just not for them. A little positive attitude is all it really takes.

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