The Best Way to Learn to Read Music

The Best Way to Learn to Read Music

Understanding how to read music is a very significant aspect of your growth as a musician. A great many people play by ear, but the capacity to be able to read music will definitely allow you to take your own musicianship onto a higher stage. Even so, loads of people can get daunted by the undertaking of learning to read music.

Many others happen to have been turned off by enduring tedious music theory lessons in which they merely were required to sit down and attempt to learn theory. Fortunately, you will discover that there are a good number of resources around which will support anyone in finding the right technique for them to learn how to read music in a fun way.

Music Theory Videos

First, you can find lots of informative “how to read music” video tutorials offered on the net. Though these inevitably range in quality, some videos are incredibly informative and help you to learn swiftly.

 Watching anyone deliver a tutorial may be a significantly better way for some people to learn than simply reading through a book. Having said that, it’s always worth testing that the information put forward on these videos is accurate as you can’t always rely on the musical ability of the tutor.

Music Theory Literature

Additionally, you’ll find a lot of books and eBooks accessible which definitely will assist you when reading is your favorite method of study. It certainly is a great idea to go looking for a book that is sold with an audio CD of samples or, in contrast, an eBook which is packaged with audio files. This is simply because you are going to find it a great deal easier to understand rhythms and pitches when you can hear them as well as view them.

Online Theory Courses

Additionally, there are actually quite a few web sites which produce online courses. These ordinarily put together video modules and written materials in order to walk you through the process of learning to read music.

These may be very advantageous, but it’s worth looking for a program which provides a free introduction lesson so you can look at the level of quality guidance on offer and whether you happen to be gaining value for your money.


Fourthly, you will discover plenty of music theory worksheets out there on the web. These provide you the chance to put your knowledge into practice right away. This is a critical stage of the learning process. Each individual’s learning style is varied and so it’s quite tough to establish if there does exist a “best” approach of learning to read music.

However, the general concept which can direct your learning must be to make it practical. A lot of people see music theory as a separate subject from practical music – it should not be. You’ll learn how to read sheet music much sooner if you do so whilst playing your instrument.

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