The History of Classical Music

The History of Classical Music

When kids go to music class in school, they often do not understand why it is important for them to study the history of classical music. The truth is that, although it may sound vastly different, classical music is the basis on which all other popular music has been built. Without it, we would not have all of the many genres that we enjoy listening to today.

The roots of classical music can actually be found in early Christian music, which takes many of its influences from ancient Greek music. The Greeks created instruments such as the autos and the lyre, which led to many of the instruments found in contemporary orchestras. Unfortunately, there is not a great deal of music from the early period of classical music still available.

The Renaissance period, which took place between 1400 and 1600, was marked by more instrumentation than the past. In fact, the music of this period is the first time that bass instruments were introduced into the compositions. This is also the time in which musical notation was developed, allowing generations to come the opportunity to enjoy the compositions that were written at the time.

The period of music beginning in 1905 and leading up to the present is known as modernism. This period is generally known for rejecting all of the conventions set up during the previous musical periods.

During this time, artists developed new music theory and techniques for various instruments. Many of these developments have made their way out of classical music and into the mainstream tunes that people listen to every day.

Classical music may not be as appealing to the modern day ear as other genres, but it is important for everyone to know its history. Classical music set up all of the conventions and tools that were necessary to create music as we know it today. If someone listens carefully, they will be able to hear its influences in all of their favorite songs.

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