Movies That Teach You About Love

Movies That Teach You About Love

Time and time again romantic movies have recreated the magic of human emotions. And especially some films had made a deep impact on the viewers all over the world. Not only the classic movies but also some recent movies have many a time taught us about love.

Different relationships, different emotions and even the strangest of characters have been portrayed in films now and then. Some of these characters have managed to stay with us creating an eternal impact on our minds, while some have failed to bring about that magical aura of love.

In this article we will be discussing some of the contemporary movies, which give a different dimension, and definition to love.

The first film, which comes to the mind, is a film titled ‘Sweet November’. It is the story about an ailing girl who is predicted to die from cancer in the month of November. So without giving up on the life that she loves so dearly, she decides to live the existing life as happily as she can. And then she meets this young man who is frustrated with life.

He had to leave his job he loved so much and now he does not know what to do with his life. Charlie Thereon plays the character of the ailing girl and the Keanu Reeves played the young man. It is a nice story, which teaches us to love life and makes the best out of any circumstances.

The man, who did not know what life is, gradually falls in love with this ailing girl and feels the bond of relationships and love for the first time in his life. A great story nicely told and with a good moral, making the film really special.

The second movie that teaches you about love has got to be the romantic ‘Walk in the Clouds’. It is a nicely told romantic movie. The main character played by Keanu Reeves, Anthony Quinn and other French actors. It is the story of a girl who is coming back to her village and wants to bring her fiance along. But her actual fiance never turns up at the right time.

The girl now takes the help of a fellow traveler who willingly becomes her fiance for a fortnight. When they reach the village, the warmth of the traditional yet simple greeting of the folks mesmerizes them. The two strangers gradually fall in love with each other.

The film has shown a nice bond between two strangers, which slowly grows into love. The relationship that grew between two strangers makes us believe that bond that binds two people can make miracles happen.

The third movie that teaches you about love is ‘Pretty Woman’. It is a very commercial movie, but with a great star casting. This movie has been watched by millions of moviegoers. It remains till date one of the best-liked movies. Julia Roberts introduces herself in this movie and looks ravishing along with Richard Gere. The story is quite simple.

A call girl meets a rich guy and then the story begins. The ending of the story is quite fascinating when Vivian decides to pursue her studies again. This teaches us that love can make life better for anyone. It gives you a positive attitude towards life which we sometime lack. It also teaches that it is never too late to start anything new, even if it means starting all over again.

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