The Best Sports Movies Ever Made

The Best Sports Movies Ever Made

However, there are still a few movies that went beyond stereotypical and thus, will be remember forever.


It’s almost automatic that when people talk about great sports movies, the first thing that comes to mind is Hoosiers. It’s your typical underdog story but with a lot more drama and a lot more improbabilities. The three key figures in the story are what make the movie so intriguing.

Norman Dale, the new coach with troubled past and unconventional methods, Jimmy Chit wood, the star player that refused to play during the start of the season and Shooter Fl etch, the town drunkard hired to be an assistant coach. Combine them together and you have a strange brew of underdogs who won a state championship in the process.

He Got Game

It’s easy to make a feel-good movie out of the sport of basketball. It has all the elements of what you’d want to expect: struggle, drama and a game-winning shot to end all misery. He Go Game on the other hand, truly separates itself from the drama of sports movies as it encapsulates the true human character.

┬áDirected by Spike Lee, it describes the struggles of Jesus Shuttles worth, the top high school prospect in the country, with his recruitment process along with the presence of his paroled father. It’s an all-encompassing film and a great account into what goes behind the glory of being a talented basketball player.

The Rocky Series

Who would ever forget the immortal scene of Rocky Balboa running across the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and once on top, raising his hands in victory? Probably the most iconic of all sports movies, the Rocky series did not just etched the genre into remarkable heights.

It also paved the way for the success of other sports movies. Whenever there was a struggle of some kind on movies, it almost became automatic that you would hear the song Eye of the Tiger on the background.

For all those who might not have watched any of the Rocky movies, it documents the unlikely beginning of a boxing champion. The movie featured a lot of cameo roles as it was evident that people wanted to be a part of this special movie.

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